About BOUNtenna

Antennas and Propagation Research Laboratory

Antennas and Propagation Research Laboratory (BOUNtenna) was founded and is led by Associate Professor Sema Dumanlı Oktar. It concentrates on the design of reconfigurable antenna elements and arrays for mobile devices of limited size. The focus areas of application include wearable and implantable smart devices within the Body Area Networks (BANs), Internet of Health Things (IoHT), Internet of Things (IoT), MIMO communications. Capabilities in the laboratory include but are not limited to electromagnetic field simulation, antenna/PCB prototyping,  mechanical modeling, physical body phantom development (head, knee, hip, etc.), S-parameter adn radiation pattern measurements.

PhD, MSc and BSc Scholarships available:



Equipments and Facilities

This is the list of available equipments and offered facilities in BOUNtenna laboratory.

  • Anechoic Chamber (>80 dB shielding between 1-18 GHz, 30 dB absorption at 1 GHz, 3x3x3 m3)
  • Arbitrary waveform generator 6 GS/sec (ARB Rider AWG 5062)
  • Vector Network Analyzer 300 kHz - 6 GHz (Rohde & Schwarz ZNLE6, Pico VNA 106)
  • Dielectric Assessment Kit (SPEAG DAK3.5) (85 MHz -14 GHz)
  • CO2 incubator
  • Biosafety cabinet Class II (NÜVE MN90, equipped with HEPA filters and UV)
  • Inverted Microscope (Leica)
  • Ansys Campus License
  • CST Studio Suite
  • LPKF S103 PCB development machine
  • MITS Autolab PCB prototyping machine
  • Multi-functional circuit printer (Voltera V-One)
  • High performance workstations for numerical analysis
  • Advanced Desktop 3D Printer (FormLabs 3B, 3D SLA printer, can be used with biocompatible resin with a resolution of 100 μm)
  • Desktop 3D-printer (Anycubic Photon M3 Max)
  • Shaking Incubator (Nükleon NCI-55, chamber volume: 55 LT)
  • Laboratory Steam Sterilizer (NUVE NC 40M, chamber volume: 40 LT)
  • Centrifuge (Elektromag M4808P, max: 4500rpm)
  • Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container (10.8 L)
  • Ultrasonic cleaner (ISOLAB, cap: 6L, max: 80C)
  • Water purification system (Direct Q-3 UV)